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U.F.O. Animated Graphic Time Travellers Strictly Cash
(Many apologies to Spider Robinson...)
Rangy Lil's - Robert A. Heinlein Links
Dark Letters Rangy Lil's 'Glance' about Heinlein
Rangy Lil's Callahan's Page A small homage.
Rangy Lil's Pern Page Dragonlovers alert!


Leftover from Hallowe'en - a little story I wrote: "Hell House".
Literature and Such
Information SuperLibrary - MacMillan Publishing
Random House Books Reviews, new releases, contests and much more.
The Last Homely House A beautiful tribute to the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. Includes many interesting literary links.
The Beach Wendy's elegant page contains a comprehensive literature section. Don't get sand in your computer!
Webhippie A mecca for artisans of all types.

Poetry Corner
Here are some of my own poems (just a little self-indulgence!):
the icarus complex
a visit to the old country
endless emptiness...
the poet said
electric blue
I will post more another time. Let me know what you think!

A Few Poetry Links:
Lyrical Lulls of Thought
When a Fantasy is What You Hang Your Life On - a Nanimated Poem by Molly Holzschlag

Cistine Chapel - hand Musings - poems and short prose provided by our visitors

quill pen & paper To find out how to get your poems posted in our 'Musings', click the notepad to the left

Or if you just want to hear me ramble on and on, read
Rangy Lil's "A Sideways Glance".

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