Pern & Dragons

I love the worlds and people Anne McCaffrey creates, but Pern is my favourite. Not long ago, I introduced my then-10-year-old daughter to Menolly. That was what it took to get her hooked, and within a couple of months she had read every single Pern book. *happy sigh*

Only a few...but I think they are the best!

Dragonhold-Underhill - The Official Home Page of Anne McCaffrey Just as it sounds, it is actually her own home page, with a photo album and lots of commentary by her. I have always thought that she makes herself more available to her public than many authors, this proves it.

Anne McCaffrey's Pern - The Official Site from DelRey Books Just as it sounds, the official site from the publisher. Lots of info and occasional freebies. I got a free Dragonrider paperback once, when they had a promotion.

Pernmaster's WebRing Only the *very* best sites get accepted as part of this webring. There were only 13 sites when I visited the list, all outstanding.

The Vanity Original Pern art, not a site to be missed.

Here There Be Dragons Dave "Dragon" Michaels' Homepage - Not just Pernese dragons but dragons in general. Lots of artwork.

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