Spider Robinson has, with his Callahan's books, created a wonderful place to escape to. I first read his book, "Night of Power" (a non-Callahan story), determined to dislike him for the sole reason that the dust jacket review called him 'the new Robert Heinlein'. No one could ever replace R.A.H. in my heart and I was sure this was just a pallid imitation. Halfway through the book I was hooked and that book has become one of my favourites. I then hunted down more of his writing and fell in love with the Callahan's stories. I was a convert and now feel that he deserves that honourable comparison more than any other writer. His writing is top-notch, tight and well thought out. His tribute piece 'Rah! Rah! R.A.H.!' put into words what I have always felt but never been able to express so well as he did. For that alone I could love him, but on top of that he gave us Callahan's. Here are but a few links to other Callahan devotees:

Spider's Home Page! Presented by Ted Powell, with comments by the author, pictures and more. This would seem to be the "official" home page. :-)

A Little Humour
A very nice list of other Callahan's links. Excellent links for a number of things - Rocky Horror Picture Show, All Things British (which includes Red Dwarf and Doug Adams), Horror, and so on.

Callahan's Crosstime Links
A very nice Callahan's page. Also check out her home page, the graphics are gorgeous and it's interesting throughout.

Callahan's Place A sort of virtual bar.

IRC #callahans Home Page A very nice listing of Callahan-related stuff and patrons.

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