The Juke Box

We have pretty eclectic musical tastes, as you will see from the list below. When we first met, 16 (!) years ago, our tastes were miles apart. I listened to jazz, blues, classical, big band and such, as well as (I confess!) bubble gum pop, while John was into rock music. This could have been disastrous to our relationship but we're both pretty easy-going and instead we've melded into a couple who simply love music and have the oddest CD and album collection of our generation. We hope that you enjoy some of the links.

About Music
Lil's Musings on Music
It sounds like something I would have written for school - "What Music Means to Me". But oh well.

Concert Listings
Concert listings for Canada
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Major Record Labels
Most sites feature artist information such as concert listings, and tons of other stuff. Sony Music Online is particularly good, with downloadable screensavers, music clips and more.
Polygram Online | Polygram Music Page | Sony Music | Geffen Records
Warner Bros. Records | Virgin Records | RCA Victor

Short List of our Favourite Musicians
Music I love: Louis Armstrong, Blue Rodeo, Chris de Burgh, Moxy Fruvous, Mike Oldfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, April Wine, Muddy Waters, John Denver, Triumph, Rik Emmett, Charlie Parker, Melissa Etheridge, Trooper, Bob Seger, John Coltrane, Harry Chapin, Colin James, Arlo Guthrie, Glen Miller, Bare Naked Ladies, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac

John's Musical Tastes: Rush, Pink Floyd, Guns 'n Roses, Aerosmith, Kim Mitchell, Supertramp, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Lisa Loeb, and such (he likes a lot of the stuff on my list too)

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