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RockFolk & Assorted Jazz & Blues

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Miscellaneous Musical Links
Virtual Radio - A really neat site - listen to up-and-coming bands online!

Links to our Favourite Rock Musicians
AEROSMITH "Box of Fire" A pretty definitive Aerosmith page.
BENATAR, Pat "Pat Benatar Online Fan Club Home Page"
EMMETT, Rik Canada's Flag Rik Emmett's Home Page. Sound clips and MUCH more. See also the Triumph site below.
FIRE ROOSTER Canada's Flag A band I first heard of through Virtual Radio...they're terrific! And Canadian, too!
GUNS N' ROSES G'n'R Home Page
JETHRO TULL Sigi's Jethro Tull Page
KING CRIMSON Elephant Talk: The Robert Fripp and King Crimson Website. For just a discography, go here.
KINKS, The The Kinks Web Site - A long-time favourite band of mine!
MITCHELL, Kim Canada's Flag Rockland - The Kim Mitchell Web Page. Covers Kim's solo career as well as Max Webster.
MOXY FRÜVOUS - FRÜVOUS DOT COMCanada's Flag Try some Fruvous wit and wisdom!
MOXY FRÜVOUSCanada's Flag And the band played on...
PINK FLOYD Couldn't narrow it down to just one: "The ORIGINAL Pink Floyd Links Page",//"The WWW Wall" and "The Pink Floyd Internet Guide"
RUNAWAYS "Runaways Story" A page devoted to that great '70s all-girl band featuring Joan Jett and Lita Ford when they were in their teens.
RUSHCanada's Flag The official home page. One of Canada's best bands!
SUPERTRAMP The Supertramp and Rodger Hodgson Home Page
TRIUMPH Canada's Flag "ALLIED FORCES - The Unofficial Triumph Website" The first rock concert I ever went to was Triumph in their prime! Awesome...
TROOPER Canada's Flag "Hot Shots - The Official WWW Home of Trooper" More top-notch Canadian music!
YOUNG, Neil Canada's Flag Hyperust Never Sleeps!
YOUNG, Neil Canada's Flag Guitar World Online - Neil Young Article
ZAPPA, Frank "The Black Page!" One of many Zappa sites.

Many more to come!
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Our Favourite Folk & Other Assorted Musicians
Northern Journey: Canadian Folk Music WebsiteCanada's Flag
CHAPIN, Harry The Harry Chapin Fan Page. A loving tribute.
FRANKLIN, Aretha Aretha Franklin page
GUTHRIE, Arlo "Welcome to ArloNet"
MACISAAC, Ashley Ashley MacIsaac - bridging the gap. Canadian, eh. Check out this website! Canada's Flag
OLDFIELD, Mike "Airborne" A very attractive page.
OLDFIELD, Mike "Amarok: Links to Other Sites" As it says, links to other Oldfield-related sites.
ROGERS, Stan "The Stan Rogers Page" Try some good down-home Maritimes music! Canada's Flag

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Jazz & Blues Musical Links
The Blue Highway
ARMSTRONG, Louis "The Original and Definitive Louis Armstrong Page" Satchmo lives!
COLTRANE, John "My Favorite Things"
DAVIS, Miles "Milestones: A Miles Davis World Wide Web Site"
FITZGERALD, Ella Gotta love this woman...
HOLIDAY, Billie Lady Day's Home Page
HOUSE OF BLUES House of Blues online!
JAMES, Colin One of my favourite artists!!!
KING, B B The King of the Blues
MONK, Thelonious This site has some short audio clips.
PARKER, Charlie "75th Anniversary Charlie Parker Discography" Excellent discography with many anecdotes included.
PARKER, Charlie This site has a link to pictures of Bird.

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