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We offer all our publications for FREE! All publications have been prepared using Common Ground Digital Paper software, which allows all PC users to view the book in its original format simply by running the .exe file. A Common Ground Mini-Viewer is embedded within the program and no special software is required by you. The sample book is available in both .exe form, which includes the embedded Mini-Viewer, and in .dp form for those of you who already have the Mini-Viewer.

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HTML Reference Guide - is currently in the process of being transferred to disk format. It will be available very soon.

These publications will soon be available:
Money Making:
Start your own Home Business and start earning extra money! Be your own boss, set your own hours! These upcoming publications will give you the steps you need to control your future.
  • Put Your Computer to Work For You! 100 Ways to Make Money with your Computer
Money Management:
Don't throw your money out the window!!! Learn how to trim down your outgoing money, leaving more for you to have fun with!
  • Save Big Bucks on Home Costs!
  • Make Your Budget Work For You!
  • Found Money and Free Stuff!

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