So ya want to get to know me better? Some would say you're either very brave...or very foolish! Read on...

Mother of three, formerly a legal secretary now a stay-at-home entrepreneur/mom, computer addict, frustrated artist/writer, avid reader, handy with a hammer, paintbrush or pool cue, irresistible femme fatale...and I have a bridge to sell you, too. :-)

Science fiction, music, books, miniatures (meaning dollhouses & miniature furniture), calligraphy, computers (of course!), home decorating/renovating, playing pool, gardening

My kids and my husband. Oh yes, and orange-pineapple ice cream.

A very elite group of you may have known me as Podkayne on the Last Resort Bar & Grill BBS. Others may know me from Datacat BBS or the much-missed MicroCosmic BBS. I'd love to hear from all my BBS friends. Please, drop me a line!

Most of my favourite links are scattered throughout our pages, but here are a few that didn't fit anywhere else:
Addicted to Stuff Great place!
"FLIPPIN OUT" Gord & Mary's Home PageTwo people I don't know, but whose page inspired me to create our own. You may note some similarities - I'm not above stealing a good idea or two.
Dream's Non-Existent RealityA beautiful page, many interesting links. Fairies, Canadian music, poetry, science fiction.
Chris and Suzanne Check out the beautiful dollhouse, and the wonderful miniature rocking horse crafted by the talented Suzanne!
The Unique Complete Video Library for Miniaturists

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