Rangy Lil's
"A Sideways Glance"

Welcome to my confused corner of the world! This is where I ramble on endlessly about whatever pops into my head, ostensibly to entertain but mostly just to have my say. I'm going to try and write something new every few weeks, but time is a slippery thing and I may not be able to do it on a regular basis. If anything on this page moves you to comment, I look forward to some feedback.

I took quite a break from writing Glances, while I worked on other areas on my website. Well, then we moved and I took a hiatus from the website entirely, taking it offline for almost a year. But I'm baaaack...

October, 1999 - Musings on Music

August 4, 1997 - Dark Letters

May 2, 1997 (includes a .jpg)

February 20, 1997 - A Strange Journey

November 22, 1996 - Breakthrough

October 3, 1996 - Mystery Visitors (of the alien kind)!

August 22, 1996 - i am not superwoman...
(Warning: very depressing...)

July 27, 1996 - My Project!

June 30, 1996 - At Loose Ends...

June 23, 1996 - Roughing It!

June 10, 1996 - Moratorium

June 5, 1996 - Mystery Visitors

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