Bet you didn't know Rangy Lil is a cheapskate. I mean, considering the beer is free in the bar and all... But this is serious business.

There are a lot of reasons to practice frugality, and financial concerns is really the least of it, although of course it is the part with the most personal impact on you! I started out trying to save a few pennies here and there, and ended up deciding to make some major lifestyle changes. Now I'm working on getting my family to accept the changes I'm trying to implement. :-) The suggestions and tips contained in these frugal pages are aimed at saving our earth's resources as well as your money. In a lot of ways, the two go hand-in-hand.

I'm looking forward to sharing tips and suggestions with you, and I would love to hear your favourite frugal or earth-friendly tip. Tell me your story of how you simplified your lifestyle, or got your debts under control. Let me know if it's all right for me to post your story/tip/suggestion/praise :-) in the 'Frugal Tip File'.

The first article I've written on Frugality is The 3 R's Can Save You Money! I'm hoping to talk in the future about simplifying your life, changing your eating and cooking habits, saving money when shopping for food and clothes, home decorating on the cheap, and avoiding holiday meltdown of your wallet. I'm also planning to create a food area devoted to good, nutritious, and economical recipes and meal plans. If you have anything to share on any of these topics, please send me an email! Your comments will be accredited to you, anonymously if you wish.

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