Home Decorating and Storage
  • I have seen this suggestion posted in many places but I think it is such a great idea, I'm repeating it here. For extra storage and to create a handy little table, buy a large plastic garbage can and cut a circle out of plywood slightly larger than the top diameter. Put the circle on top and cover with a floor-length circular tablecloth. Makes an excellent occasional table or night table, and is perfect for storing extra blankets, pillows, bulky winter clothes, etc.
  • Curtains are terribly expensive, and for what - a few squares of hemmed fabric, basically. Even if you aren't a super seamstress, anyone can sew a straight line! I have made my own curtains out of bed sheets (new, not used!), or fabric bought on sale, for a fraction of the cost. A side bonus to using bed sheets is that your bedroom is all co-ordinated, especially if you make some little fancy cushions or other things as well. But don't stop at the bedroom, even the showier designs are quite easy when you get a look at them. I have also made ruffled valances to hang over mini-blinds, swags, etc.
Send in your tips - I would love to hear how other frugalites save their pennies! I will be posting more of my own little penny pinchers shortly.

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