Frugal Fun
  • Take your kids to the local MacDonald's (or Burger King, or whatever) to play on the excellent play gyms most of them now have, while you relax with a coffee and a newspaper. It's worth the price of a coffee on a rainy day to keep them entertained! (And certainly MUCH cheaper than the horrendously priced commercial play areas like KidZone!) And as a side note, one time in the summer our kids were each given a free ice cream for helping the staff pick up all the balls!
  • If you must see a movie at the theatre, go to the cheaper matinee showing, or check if they have a special reduced admission night. But better yet, wait a couple months and rent it...maybe invite some friends over to watch it, make popcorn and make it a social event! Two couples I know do this once a month, taking turns at hosting. Usually they end up playing cards or a board game after the movie...too often it seems simple pleasures like these are overlooked.
Send in your tips - I would love to hear how other frugalites save their pennies! I will be posting more of my own little penny pinchers shortly.

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