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Here I'm going to list some of the best buys/bargains/shopping ideas that I've either stumbled across or hunted out, as I find them. The idea behind this is to encourage creative shopping and bargain-hunting. If you've found a great bargain or place to shop, let me know about it! If it is particularly creative, I'll post it for sure.

Goodwill - Salvation Army - Value Village

Some people get really snobby about shopping at thrift stores; I don't understand why. I remember my mom bought a lot of our clothes at Goodwill when we were kids and it was a matter of national security. I was mortified at the thought of someone seeing us go in or out of the store. But that changed when I was out on my own, earning and spending my own money...I even bought my wedding going-away dress there! And for Halloween costumes there is no better place to shop! Lately, I have found that our local Value Village has sales where everything in the store is 50% off their already-low prices! These sales seem to be every 3 months or so... Anyway, to give you an idea of the kind of bargains you can get at these wonderful stores, here are some of my latest/greatest finds:
What I Bought Estimated Retail Store Price What I Paid
Leather running shoes for my 9-year-old, in *perfect* condition! At LEAST $15.00, probably more $1.75
The perfect shade and size (!) of curtains for my bathroom and hallway. Oh heck, curtains are expensive - maybe $30? $3.00
Tupperware microwave vegetable steamer, in perfect condition I don't know...but Tupperware is expensive! Maybe $30? $3.99
Purple Gitano jeans for my 9-year-old, they don't even look as if they've been worn once (labels are crisp) Again, I don't know...but that's an expensive brand. Maybe $25? $2.49
A flour sifter, not a cheap one but good sturdy quality I would guess probably about $5, maybe a bit more $1.99
Disney's Hunchbank of Notre Dame backpack, in brand-new condition $12 at most department stores, $8 or $9 at discount stores $2.99
From Our Readers:

"Although Salvation army is great on a daily basis, places with special sales are even better. A cheerleader garage sale yielded a lot of upscale trendy clothing, the Scout rubbbage sale brought camping equipment, and outgrown scout clothes as well as several good winter parkas for the boys. Church fairs are wonderful. This year my almost 4 year old will be wearing a Gunney Sack brand dress of velvet, lace and satin; the dry-cleaning tag was still on it $12. I bought it for $5, three years ago added to last Springs 99cent tights and $8 Mary Janes on sale. She looks like a million!"
- Karen in Colorado

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