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Whatever you need to make
that awesome ethnic dish,
they've got it. Italian, Chinese,
French, you name it.

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Rangy Lil's Bar and Grill - The Grill

Main Menu - Rangy Lil's Recipes "Recipes that I Swear By Instead of At..."
(Loosely misquoted from the "I Hate to Cook Book" by Peg Bracken)
The food at Rangy Lil's Bar and Grill is not fancy, but it is tasty, nutritious, cheap to make and almost foolproof! To quote Peg Bracken again, "These recipes have not been tested by experts. That is why they are valuable. Experts in their sunny spotless test kitchens can make anything taste good. But even we can make these taste good." Every recipe listed in the Main Menu has been prepared and served many, many times at Lil's own home. And, usually, they come out pretty good. :-)
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Check here for some frugal tips to save money in the kitchen, as well as links to some awesome food-related sites.