Get Paid to Surf the Net
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Get Paid to Surf the Net
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Everyone would like a little extra money. And, basically, every little bit helps. Here are some ways I earn a little extra income, and ways that I save money. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Get Paid to Surf

I've been using AllAdvantage, GoToWorld and GetPaid4 (ads shown at left) for a while now, and I HAVE ACTUALLY RECEIVED CHEQUES!!! Each of these programs work in much the same way - you get paid to have an adbanner run while you surf (you can turn it off and on at will). I have a preference for AllAdvantage for a few reasons: they pay a set rate, and they have actually sent me money. I haven't accumulated enough hours with the other two programs yet, to know whether or not they actually pay. Also, GotoWorld and GetPaid4 don't make any promises about how much you will get paid per hour, but they do allow you to log more hours per month than AllAdvantage (although AllAdvantage promises to increase their monthly allowance in future). I make sure that I fulfill my AllAdvantage hours every month, since I know for sure they will pay me, then I rack up some hours with the other guys. You can run more than one adbanner at a time, but I find my computer crashes if I do that. The GetPaid4 adbanner does not require you to actually be surfing, you can be doing other stuff online, as long as you are using your mouse. I generally run that one if I am just playing Freecell.

If you are interested, please click through the links at left - I do get a referral if you do (and as I say...every little bit helps!!). If you are unsure or have any questions, drop me a line at or at

There are a LOT of other programs out there along the same lines, but upon reading the fine print, I decided not to sign up for them. There were hidden catches everywhere!

Affiliate Programs

I used to have a Barnes and Noble affiliate bookstore, and I did make a little bit of money with it. Their affiliate program is very well-organized and can work well for someone who puts a lot of effort into it. I have decided not to continue the bookstore at this time - I have enough to do just updating the website! Instead, I have become a Commission Junction Affiliate (ad shown at left). They offer several merchants (around 500 I think), which allows you to choose a product or service which relates to the subject matter of your website.

So some areas of Rangy Lil's now have ads in them, but they have been hand-picked by me, unlike LinkExchange banners and such. Also, I mostly just chose merchants who pay for each click on the ad, not just for each sale. So if you like my site, please click on an ad! Even the Commission Junction link itself pays me a few cents!

The greatest thing about working with Commission Junction is that, although you are affiliated with more than one store or service, you can keep track of everything through one place. And your commission cheques come directly from Commission Junction, you don't have to deal with each individual merchant. All in all, very efficient and well-organized. Again, if you choose to become an affiliate, please go through the link at the left - I do get a referral if you do.

Working at Home - Entrepreneurialism

I also work at home and offer my skills and knowledge to the world. Please visit my other business sites:
Lil's Market Place
The Common Sense Computer People
HTML Training Sessions

Here is a page of links related to small business and working at home:
Small Business and Work At Home Links

Saving Money

I have an entire website devoted to frugal living. Why work so hard to make money if you're just going to throw it away? For money-saving tips, visit Rangy Lil's Frugality.

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