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All right, at the request of someone whose name I won't mention (right, John C.?:), I have finally gotten around to putting up the fake brick wallcovering. Now, there's a long story behind relates to my own home and recent renovations we've done. Removing the horrible fake brick wallcovering from the kitchen is not something we've done yet but I promise you that once we do, I'm taking it over to John's house and leaving it on his front step. Since he is so fond of it. (BTW, John, where do you live anyway?) But all in-jokes aside, this is where people used to leave their comments about Rangy Lil's, and sooner or later they got up on the wall, because I never bothered to get a proper guestbook. There were more comments which I received but which didn't make it to the wall...then we got a new computer, then we moved, then we took a hiatus from the website. So these are all kinda old but nostalgia makes me keep 'em around. Now that we're back tending bar, I 've set up a proper guestbook. P.S. Update: I finally did tear down that fake brick stuff at the old house but could I get hold of John C.? Noooooo..... :-)

July 20, 1997 - Comment: Hi Lil I finally made it to your place. I like what I see so far need to check it out some more. Great Place. Name: Timga Home Page: Timga's Tunnel

July 6, 1997 - Comment: This is mo & mindy. We checked out the site, really looks cool. Enjoyed chatting with you at the taproom. This page is very professional. Name: mo & mindy

June 18, 1997 - Comment: I came here because I just turned 30. Complaints: It is so much nicer than my wonderful web page. Name: Pest Home Page: Shawnie and Mildred's Home Page

June 12, 1997 - Comment: I love this page, its links and the insight of the creator. Love to buy a drink for all that visit. Here is to you, here is to me, now look away I have to pee.... Complaints: Some links are gone or have moved, real bummer. Name: Tommy NO not the Pinball Wizard
Sorry about dead links, next time drop me an email. Just say 'link to so&so's page is dead' in the subject line, that would be great!

June 4, 1997 - Comment: hey! a bar you don't have to get drunk in to have fun in Complaints: that very bored bar/bathroom fly... Name: j ONE california

April 21, 1997 - Comment: Good website--you have certainly put a lot of work and thought into this. Makes my site look pretty lame. Congratulations! Name: neander97 Home Page: Historical Trivia

March 18, 1997 - Comment: I'd rather have a beer in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Complaints: No complaints, good page overall. Thanks for listening to my babble. Name: Cheez Dick (Wisconsin)

March 14, 1997 - Comment: Always a nice place to come home to. Name: Rob C. Home Page: Flint's Landing
Thanks for the sentiment, Rob. :-) Your place on the river is pretty nice, too.

December 31, 1996 - Comment:Greetings R.L. Someone in my family bookmarked this site, I came just to see what it was and found some poetry I like (the poet) and some interesting links. Complaints: You actually let someone talk you into putting up this crummy fake brick wallpaper?! Name: sojisan (a.k.a. Gary) Home Page:sojisans homepage

December 28, 1996 - Comment: Couldn't agree with you more, Lil, in regards to the independence and freedom of actually going to the bar, not to pick up men but to "adopt" a place of your own...I am impressed with the amount of work that has gone into your's one of the best I have ever seen...John boy sounds bored, however, criticism is good! I'll be back. Name: No name given, but the writer is from Sask., Canada
Thanks for your great comments! It's so nice to get feedback (although John C. may not agree)! Stay in touch!

November 15, 1996 - Comment: Why is phonetic not spelt the way it sounds! Name: Paul W.

August 14, 1996 - Comment: I thought I saw a puddy cat!! Complaints: That no one is putting anything on the wall. Name: John C.

August 1, 1996 - Complaints: That not many are posting on this wall!! I DARE YOU TO WRITE SOMETHING HERE! Name: John C.

Comment: Lots of hard work involved in this...overall a good solid web page, IMHO. Complaints: Ya gotta keep checking those links...some are quite volatile... Name: Merlin
(Note to Merlin: I try to keep them current. Let me know specifically which ones and I'll try to fix 'em. Thanks!)

Comment: Who used the rest of the toilet paper and did not replace it? Complaints: No toilet paper! I guess I'll have to use some of this lovely wallpaper. Name: John C.

Comment: Ummm... Complaints: That she took sooooooo long to get the fake brick wall covering up in here and also, there is nothing for me to gripe about anymore! :) Name: John C.

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