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"Sometimes it's nice to go
where everybody knows your name
and they're always glad you came..."

Well, it may not be Cheers and it's only inspired by Callahan's, but here at Rangy Lil's we hope that you will feel that same sort of 'coming home' comfort. Not long after my first daughter was born (what an odd coincidence!), I started going out on Friday nights with my best friend. It was our own little Girls Night Out, and quickly became the break I needed from the stresses of work and parenting. We always went to the same place, it was comfortable. Even after my friend moved away to B.C., I continued to go out by myself...sometimes with other friends but mostly alone. That's a very empowering feeling for a woman - to go out to a bar, alone, knowing you're not 'looking for something', independent and determined to keep it that way. I couldn't have done it anywhere but the bar I called 'home'. It was easier knowing that I would know most of the people there; pool-playing buddies mostly. Then they had the nerve (!) to do the one and only thing that could drive me away - they switched to an all-country format. Luckily a gentleman I know had just opened up a nice new place, and it started to feel pretty comfortable to me. I found a new Friday night companion; she and I would go out, just to have fun (we're both attached), not to pick up guys (which confuses the heck out of the guys...they don't know what to make of two ladies who aren't interested). And we would dance, I played pool, we laughed a LOT and just generally had a terrific time. As I hope that you do here. :-)

I have to admit I've stopped going out to the bar - times have changed and so have I. There are times when I miss it, but not very often. I was still going when I first made this webpage, and have kept it online out of nostalgia and, after all, the whole darn site is supposed to be a BAR and grill, now isn't it?

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